It Made My Heart Glad…

I was talking to a younger coworker last week about making greeting cards.  I told her that I thought most card makers were older women, since young people probably used texts and emails instead of paper.  She surprised me by saying that her nieces and nephews had discovered the joy of giving and receiving cards, and regularly made cards for each other.

I guess I’ve been guilty of my own kind of “ageism” in making assumptions about who makes greeting cards.  But I’m very happy to be corrected!

Are there young people in your life who like to make cards with you?  You can comment below. 🙂

Psst — Pay It Forward!

I make little thank you cards to hand out when someone gives me good service or is very cheerful in dealing with me.  And to “spread the love,” the message inside the card encourages the recipient to pass it on to someone else.  Please, copy and share this idea! 🙂

Pet peeves!

Here’s a place for everyone to share their least favorite things about stamping and cardmaking.  Is there a technique where you love the results, but it’s way too complicated or time-consuming for you to want to do it?  Or a tool that gives you trouble when you use it?  Maybe someone has a tip or suggestion that would help!


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Welcome to!  As time progresses, you’ll find a variety of things here: pay it forward cards and card-making supplies in the shop, photos of my (and hopefully your) cards, technique tutorials, suggestions for “random acts of kindness,” and comments, questions, and suggestions from you!