Oops! I was bad! :)

I got to see how easy it was to do this marbling technique – although I didn’t buy any of their products (yet).

I meant to take photos at the Scrapbook Expo today…

The first booth we went to had a “no photography” sign.  After that, it was too late!  I was so busy gawking at things (does anybody use that word any more?) to remember to take any pictures.

But I did come away with this nifty little sample of a marbling technique.  It’s from a company called Local King Rubber Stamps.  They specialize in solid-image stamps like the car above.  Instead of a stamp where the outlines of the image are raised up, they make the outlines indented and the insides of the image raised up to take the ink.

They scribbled (literally) directly on the stamp with their markers to get the marbling.  They have their own line of water-based markers that they say will stay wet for 6 minutes on the rubber.  As they scribble one color over another, the inks blend to give the marbled effect you can see on the car.

It was an awesome demonstration, but I couldn’t buy everything!  I’m going to try to see if I can get a similar effect with markers I already have.  But I will share some of the things I saw and did buy in other posts to come.

It was sooo much fun!

It had to be done…


Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to go to a government office and wait in line.  Even though it’s been eight years since I had to renew my driver’s license in person, that couple of hours (plus travel time) felt like an eternity.  But it had to be done.

I heard someone say, “I should’ve brought a book.”  It didn’t occur to me until after I got home that I should’ve brought a project.  I used to keep a portable card-making project that I could take along to appointments where I might have to wait.  While papercrafting in your lap isn’t ideal, I think it’s time to put together a new project pack that I can take on the go.  If it has a basic set of tools and supplies, it can also be a “grab-and-go” for taking to classes.

And anything that gets me crafting is a good thing. 🙂

I’m going on a papercrafting adventure!

Ribbon thanks

Not that time spent in my craft room isn’t an adventure in itself, but … this is even better!  There’s a scrapbooking expo coming up in two weeks, and I’m going!

I haven’t been to one of these in a lot of years.  It’s a chance to see what new ideas are out there, both in products and techniques.  And to crowd around the booths with hundreds of kindred spirits, going “ooh” and “ah” together.  lol

I’ll take pictures (where allowed) and share them here, so stay tuned for fun stuff to come!


Time Flies When You’re Making Cards…

Greeting card
Your kindness (in sharing your tips) is appreciated! lol

I recently did some timing while I was in my craft room to see how long it actually took me to make a card.  I practiced on some little thank-you cards, and I made each one unique, because I’m not fond of mass-producing cards.  (If you’ve ever done it, you may understand why.)

I was shocked to find that it was taking me 20-30 minutes to produce a 4×4 card!

I quickly discovered that I have a lot of work left to do in organizing my supplies and work areas – which seems to be a never-ending battle for me!  I suppose it might help if I stopped buying things for a while. 😉

What slows you down when you’re “getting your craft on”? Have you discovered any tips that really helped you?  Please share them with the rest of us!

It Made My Heart Glad…

I was talking to a younger coworker last week about making greeting cards.  I told her that I thought most card makers were older women, since young people probably used texts and emails instead of paper.  She surprised me by saying that her nieces and nephews had discovered the joy of giving and receiving cards, and regularly made cards for each other.

I guess I’ve been guilty of my own kind of “ageism” in making assumptions about who makes greeting cards.  But I’m very happy to be corrected!

Are there young people in your life who like to make cards with you?  You can comment below. 🙂

Psst — Pay It Forward!

I make little thank you cards to hand out when someone gives me good service or is very cheerful in dealing with me.  And to “spread the love,” the message inside the card encourages the recipient to pass it on to someone else.  Please, copy and share this idea! 🙂

Pet peeves!

Here’s a place for everyone to share their least favorite things about stamping and cardmaking.  Is there a technique where you love the results, but it’s way too complicated or time-consuming for you to want to do it?  Or a tool that gives you trouble when you use it?  Maybe someone has a tip or suggestion that would help!


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Welcome to anitapirkle.com!  As time progresses, you’ll find a variety of things here: pay it forward cards and card-making supplies in the shop, photos of my (and hopefully your) cards, technique tutorials, suggestions for “random acts of kindness,” and comments, questions, and suggestions from you!