Pet peeves!

Here’s a place for everyone to share their least favorite things about stamping and cardmaking.  Is there a technique where you love the results, but it’s way too complicated or time-consuming for you to want to do it?  Or a tool that gives you trouble when you use it?  Maybe someone has a tip or suggestion that would help!

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  1. One of my love/hate techniques is heat embossing. I absolutely love the end result, but the process always feels slow and clumsy. You need to be working near an electric outlet, possibly on a heat-resistant surface. You need to put down an underlying tray or paper sheet you can use to get the excess powder back into the jar. You need to have a de-static option so the embossing powder doesn’t cling to your paper where you don’t want it to, and/or a little brush to flick specks of powder off. Depending on your stamped image, you may need a fine-line embossing powder. You may need a way to hold your paper still under the heat gun without scorching your fingers, too! There’s gotta be an easier way – and if I figure one out, I’ll be letting people know!

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