Tiny treasures in my own back yard

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I don’t spend enough time outdoors.  But yesterday I walked around our shady yard trying to figure out if there was any place that got enough sun to put in a small garden (next year, and my sister will be rolling her eyes if she reads this, because I have never gardened lol).

While I was out back I spotted these teeny tiny pine cones in the grass.  So naturally I thought, “Those would be cute on a card (because really, what tiny thing wouldn’t, right?).”

So I picked some up and brought them in.  When I put them on a card, I’ll post a picture.

And now I have another reason to get outside every day – to go on a tiny treasure hunt!  And another reason to be grateful – for unexpected little gifts!

What tiny treasures have you found to put on your cards?


Update, September 19:

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  1. I don’t know how to put a photo in a comment, so I’m just going to update the original post with the pic of a card I made with these!

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